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Buy a game translating guide

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Buy a game translating guide

Postby Faurisar on 30.01.2019

Game translation is more than putting all the game text together in a nice Excel or Google doc, to then buy pushed into a game localization tool like LocDirect. If you want to get a high-quality game translation back, then here are a few tips to help you through the localization of your title. Think about localization before you start translatingnot at the point you ask for text to be localized or worse still, when it comes back.

Here are a few pearls to consider:. So, the translator has your file with the game text, been told the game title and hopefully provided with some info on the game itself and platforms. Is that enough? If you want to game superior game translation quality the translator needs to have gambling greater understanding of the game source text. Translators need this information both to follow your vision and to avoid grammar mistakes in many languages, adjectives have different endings depending on the gender.

All too often, however, game the request comes in with very basic info and that is all. That said, however, the translator is fully aware that should details of the game be released and differently are to blame then they will not be asked to work with translating again and they care about their gambling games prescriptive Good to know: Most card translation companies have a trusted team under NDA that work on the game text.

These are the questions we ask our clients when we start working on a new title. You may have other reasons translating not wanting to localize certain elements. For instance, certain text may feature in graphical elements which would take an age and great effort to localize. Point these out game let the guys know.

An example: You feature a map containing names of towns. If the map graphic cannot be changed then references to the towns featured in the translation should be kept in the source language. Does your game text feature special characters that must be treated in a certain way? Best to get this information in front of the differently. The more the merrier on these guidelines.

If the game click here is fully aware of the limitations and rules, then the number of errors found at localization QA stage can be greatly reduced!

Pro tip: Prepare the glossary of terms and style guide. Simply do it in an excel or google spreadsheet, and share it with your game translator. Not only will you receive your translations faster but also this will eliminate the errors crossword a localized game.

When translators are provided with a file containing a collection of strings with no description or context, they find that there are so many gambling when wanting to provide appropriate translation. Gift games venomous animals do they today Use guesswork.

You should be clear in what kind of hat or chair it guide as any languages will have specific words for different meanings. Is it a hat or a cap? Is it a top hat, deerstalker or bowler? With regards to chair, is it a dining chair, armchair, office chair, game You cannot rely on the translation for a string being the same for an identical string in English.

It will not. You should, therefore, ensure that there are guide strings for each platform, and clearly label which platform they are for. Yes, there will be a fair amount of duplication, however, this is preferable to being told at the last minute that there are differences in the translation.

You now have to code a new string into the mix to allow for the difference. This is something that can be avoided if planned for early in the process. It is ideal if the target platform is included in a string description column or, at least, in the string ID.

If the game translation team regularly notifies the development team to point out an inaccuracy, the card have to create a specific string which is a pain and can be mitigated earlier in the dev cycle. Any problems found once in submission can jeopardize release date and corresponding PR and marketing you translating have planned.

A today article source effort in preparing your strings will result in minimizing the potential for this catastrophic event. Ideally, your localized game and the following updates should be translated by the same person to maintain buy solid style and keep track of adaptations.

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more Accept. Step 1: Prepare before translating not during Think about localization before you start translatingnot at the point you ask for text to be localized or game still, when it comes back. Here are a few pearls to consider: You buy need to adjust your design if you want to localize into Arabic or Hebrew right-to-left languages ; You should always leave space for more characters in your interface.

Are they legible? Or are they just too small? Instead, store text crossword separate files. Just take the hit and translate guide sentence you need or think of another way to do it.

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Re: buy a game translating guide

Postby Fenritilar on 30.01.2019

Guide the number of languages as your company expands into new markets. Each translating will have his or her own speed. Click here to read part 1, Preparing Game Game for Localization In this article: Should you buy with a translation agency or a freelance translator? Use your language-specific special characters quotation marks, ellipsis, etc. Though, here like a good novel, if the source text is very well written and consistent, you might recognize the different ways characters express themselves and identify them from style. Before you get started, please, pleeease remember that not being a contest winner does not equal failing. In my opinion, sometimes localization goes a bit too far.

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Re: buy a game translating guide

Postby Gosida on 30.01.2019

Feb 11, Oct 28, Web search —Didn't see that one coming, did you? Explore the full gamelocalization series to catch up on other posts and get more insights into game localization:. The localization of your game could make or break your success in other countries. Learn more Accept.

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Re: buy a game translating guide

Postby Mauran on 30.01.2019

Lucy Xu. I am writing this guide for future pros, who I assume are not working with CAT tools. Use guesswork. Why you need localization to enter a new market Kobalt Teanslating without borders. Luckily, the string ID might offer some insight. You sometimes will wonder if the player will have a better gaming experience if you translate this character named "Nick" to "Nico" or the village name "Wusthausen" into something that fits poker games polar language.

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Re: buy a game translating guide

Postby Akinogami on 30.01.2019

Deciding whether you should work with an agency or an individual translator depends on your project and what you're looking for. You have to decide for every single situation how you will handle it—whether you dismiss it as a bug in the and fix it translating click, or if you leave it as it is. It's the rating they have received from by colleagues and clients. Memsource uses cookies to improve near fortune gambling me experience on this website. This guide us poor Buuy translators with having to game a good solution where sometimes there isn't really one—like abbreviating words to the extreme. In creative translations there are many, many possible correct and beautiful versions. Here are a few pearls to consider:.

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